Brethren Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied Brethren have to say:


Praise be the almighty God

This is my testimony. God has completed his work and I wanted to praise God for the work he began this year and now. I welcome my baby boy on Tuesday after a miracle gift of the womb and successful pregnancy and a miracle delivery! Oh praise be to the Almighty Father! May God continue to bless you and your ministry and prayer line for all the wonderful things!! Ameeeen God has completed his work.

Sister Patience from AZ


Praise be to God. Pastor, God has answered my cry and prayers. The Almighty Father we serve shall never fail if you trust in him there is nothing impossible for him even when the doctor had declare that you are not able to. God has blessed me n has remembered me with the fruit of the womb. 

Please remember me in prayers! May God bless you. The blessing I have received this year is beyond my wilderness dream n I am grateful to be part of this prayer line. Good is goooood!
Sister Patience

Pastor please excuse me to tell you. Some came from my private, my mouth, and number 3.some are eggs Oil blood and white objects and other elements that I can't describe. It all happened during prayer time I can just fell it in my private organ and run to the bathroom and sit on the toilet and it just jump out. Sorry for telling you all of this sir,  there is a lot coming out.

I want to let you know of my testimony.  The Lord has restored my divine beauty. The enemy had exchange my face and gave me one full of acne. A very strange acne. I had dreams of whom it was transferred to.
But during our session in November and this remember me in NY I saw a great change. During the Sunday session . clearly heard the Holy Spirit saying . am restoring your beauty. Pastor as am speaking to you my face have never been so radiant and soft like a baby 's skin .
To God be the glory!!!

Praise be the most high and Almighty God. I  attended the "Remember me oh Lord" crusade in Boston. I remember the last day you asked me what brought me all the way from AZ and when I told you the problems I was facing. 

You ask one simple question "Do  have your handkerchief"; I said yes

You told me that everything will be good and for me not to worry and prayed with me.


I just wanted to give a testimony that I have been having severe back pain the last couple of days to the point that I couldn't stand. I woke up this morning n the Holy Spirit told me you know you have a weapon that can take all that pain away. So I took one of the handkerchief and placed it on the bed and laid on it.


Praise be to God the pain is completely gone. I don't feel nothing at all just wanted to share. God is amazing n he has already began doing many things on my things I want list. I also remember we were asked to sow a seed. I didn't have the money to do so. All I had was $5 but I prayed on it and today through God's mercy and his favor I was blessed by someone with $3500 and I will be making the seed that I promised  to God.


May God bless this prayer line and you and to let others know that all the prayers we pray, God is listening no matter how strange they are and I know in this year I will have more testimony.


Thanks be to  God Almighty.


Sister Patience


Praise be to the Almighty God. Last night midnight Prayer I received the holy spirit of tongues. I recently gave my self to God completely and I am grateful for all you do. Life had not been easy but day by day the prayers on this line is strengthen my faith in God. And even though the year just started God is already been amazing to me. May God bless u pastor n continue to give you strength because you are saving lots of lives n souls for God work.

I just had to share this testimony. My husband and myself have had a mortgage which accumulated a lot of arrears because my husband has been unemployed for an entire year. I joined the midnight battle in November and since then the prayers have been very specific to our issues so we have been faithfully praying the prayers.
Recently God revealed an idea to me and I went straight ahead and did as was told. Today I was even able to save 1000.00 on my personal savings as a result of a consolidation that was done on our behalf. Though I still have to face the monthly payments of the mortgage I was able to clear the arrears and save. I was also able to clear some outstanding bills and for that I sing praises to God most high and want to encourage your ministry by sending something monetary. I don’t have a paypal account and it is giving me trouble to do so but I will try to see what I can do via my visa card. I will let you know what goes on so may God continue to bless your ministry in abundance.
Be blessed

Karen G.

Pastor, God bless you for all the good work you are doing. May the Lord strengthen you and your family. Please, my name is sister Nelson, the reason for the text is to share my testimony with you. I was on the prayerline at midnight, my breast was in pain and always feel like somebody is having sex with me, but that night you state my case about spirit husband that is attacking my marriage. Before I was having problems with my husband. We could not see eye to eye. But now I see the Glory of God, and also I thank God that pain from my breast has gone back to sender in Jesus name. Praise God.

God bless you, Pastor, I have 2 praise reports. My cousin, Bernadette was very sick in the hospital with diabetes. I emailed you for prayers on her behalf. She was later discharged with a walker because she could not walk. I connected her to the Midnight Battle Prayerline and told her to get a bottle of water which you prayer over. She started to walk by herself INSTANTLY. Glory be to God in the Mighty name of Jesus.

She travelled to Guyana a few days ago. She said she is completely healed.

I thank God for delivering his people through you his chosen vessel of honor.


Sister Greta

Praise the Lord. I participated in the deliverance program for purgingof the womb and fruitfulness. I drank the water I brought to the program on daily basis consistently as the man of God blessed it for everyone since the day that the program started. The Lord did something miraculous for me. I have not been having my monthly period for 10 months but the 4th day of the program, my period came out again. All the negative words upon my womb have been canceled. Praise the Lord.


Sister Florence

God bless you Pastor Wale Oluwanusi and the Rock of Ages Ministry. All Glory and Honor goes to the Lord. The Lord has done what the
enemy thought could never happen. It had been a long time that I had the desire to get married, but have learned that my wicked family tied that down and vowed that it will never happen; they said I will never have joy and would forever be
lonely. It was almost 5 yrs. ago the Lord had spoken and said He would send me someone from out the household of faith & I hooked on to that word. Through I have attended deliverance conferences, I went in faith to receive prayer for married people. I ran to church altars for
prayer with a strong desire, but did not see any manifestation. It had being a long time a man even looked at me and in the public it is as if I was invisible. So fasting and prayers went up to the Father. I and my mother in Christ prayed and on the 3rd day of prayer, the Lord spoke Impossibility! I just cried because if the Lord says impossibility then what can happen. I never knew that the Lord only spoke what my enemies vowed for my life, not what He could not do.
He makes the impossibility possible. So I attended the crusade that came to Atlanta titled “Wickedness must bow”. I knew the Lord would meet me there. I thank God that He spoke to pray for the deliverance of the Hand, Head & feet. After that washing, I felt light as if my body only weighed 40 lbs. I knew during this crusade, something different happened, something new. After the crusade the Lord showed me in a mighty vision, I was washing my hands with lotion, and the Lord spoke in the vision with
Joy in His voice of what that meant saying “That’s your marriage now! The door
is now open”. I woke up praising God and less than a week after that I met a wonderful man of God, someone that truly loves the Lord, A man from the Household of Faith. Hallelujah! A personal revelation was spoken to me after I
finished speaking to this man on the phone. The Lord spoke 3x’s with this joy to me, “that’s your husband.” My enemy has been put into triple, triple shame! Praise ye the Lord for Pastor Wale and the Rock of Ages ministry. The Lord has made me to smile again and the Lord will make you smile more and more in Jesus name. Amen!

Sister Jane

Hope you're doing okay, wonderful servant of God. I'm happy to tell you that God has answered our prayers and I have received my Green Card. Isn't that wonderful! God has done his work through you. Thank you so much, may you be blessed always. I give all the Glory,Praise and honor to GOD. Ever since I started praying with the Rock of Ages, the Midnight battle, my life has never been the same again. I have sent my thanksgiving of $..... through paypal today. Thanks.



Thanks so much sir for your encouragements and prayers. I had an encounter in my dream this morning after early morning prayers. I was in our bedroom in the dream and I saw a bird like an owl with red and white patches, crawled out from under our bed as if it has been wounded and was trying to sneak into the bathroom when I saw  it. I picked up a shoe with a very big wooden sole and entered the bathroom. The bird disguised and reduced it's size to a tiny bird. Thank God, I was able to figure it out and smashed the bird to death. I killed the bird and put a paper on top of it and was bouncing on the bird. To my amazement several other tiny birds were coming out of the belly as I was bouncing on it. And I killed all and packed it out as I shouted haleluyaa aaaaaa from the dream and  woke up shouting haleluyaa to real world.....praise ye The Lord for me.  Bless you sir

Good evening Pastor.
Please  I just want to inform you that after my fervent prayer last night on midnight battle prayer line, I had a dream and saw a green serpent under a very clean water. The serpent attempted to attack me in the dream and I called the name of Jesus Christ, and cut off the head from the body  with the hinge of a door. The head was separated and fell on the floor and I spoke the word on the cut off head and woke up speaking in tongues and calling blood of Jesus. Praise ye The Lord.
Bro Tunde

I want to give God all the glory. He is a wonderful God. I lost my job in 2010 and have been unemployed since that time. After the crusade in Atlanta titled WICKEDNESS MUST BOW yesterday October 19th, somebody called me for a job today. I will start today in the evening. Words are not enough to appreciate God. I thank him for the insight to wash my head, my hands and my legs at the deliverance crusade. The Lord will continue to empower your ministry more and more in Jesus mighty name. Amen


Sister Esther

After the Midnight Battle Prayer meeting, I found this wall gecko in my room. The stranger came out of its hiding place and was utterly destroyed. A picture of the strange gecko is attached.

Praise the Lord for this great deliverance


Brother L

This wicked animal that looks like centipede,  or millipede was purged out in the toilet trying to crawl out of the toilet. As I poured the anointing oil on it, it stopped moving. I took it out with a toilet paper & placed it on the sink. I was not afraid because it has been destroyed. See attached pic. It crawled from my waist like fire down to my left leg & the color of my skin changed to black. It will not stop moving, twisting my leg; like my bones are cracking. I will be screaming "Come out, release me & die in Jesus name.

I have been suffering this agony since 2006 having gone through many deliverance sessions. But to God be the glory this wicked vagabond insect is dead. Praise the Lord.


Sister SC


Praise The Lord!

2yrs ago my stomach started swelling like  a 9 months pregnant woman and when I eat little sometimes I will feel like I ate the whole house, but after joining the prayer for 2 days, things changed. Today I ate 3 times and my stomach went down. Thank you God. God bless you pastor and your family, and your ministry.
Sister Basira Abiodun


Praise the Lord! since I came back from delivarence in Houston TX, everything changed.  I saw the power of God in my life like never before. On Friday I had an emergency at work and God did something extra-ordinary in my life that brought me to the limelight. God used me to save the life of a man. As the news spread all the Bosses who you can not see but only by appointment came to congratulate me They actually came to meet me where I work instead of calling me to their office. I was also offered a new position. I thank God for everything.




I have a lot to testify. Ever since I left the Houston Deliverance Crusade in Februray 2014, the gates of heaven have opened for me. I'm grateful I came for deliverance because  the chains on me were broken, 
sis lizy,




Praise God!
Our God is Good, during purging when the deliverance is still going on I couldn't stand on my feet I felt sick in my stomach  I felt like I want to use the bathroom and it was like open tap of water  flushing out couldn't leave the bathroom coz it wont stop until we share the grace, I give glory to king of kings,
Sis lizy.




Testimony #1

God miraculously delivered me from heart palpitations on one of the night at the altar of Midnight Battle


Testimony #2

On the night of "Mantle of Fire" where we prayed on handkerchiefs/ scalves, I followed the instructions and God visited me and delivered from an age-long strongman/dream oppressor that had initially defied various solutions. With His Mighty Hand, He broke me free. I declare by the Blood of the Lamb that afflictions shall never rise again; forever my delivereance is settled.


Testimony #3

Midnight Battle has empowered my prayer life. I can now wake up to pray at night; a seemingly impossible task of before ... God is reallyon this altar ever ready to deliver, save and set us free. 


Praise God.


Sister A

During d midnite battle I started vomiting it was gumy nasty & smelling. After that all heavy load around my waist thigh that I can't walk properly stand sit  My stiff neck &  shoulder disappeared to the glory of God.


Sr charity



Praaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiisssssssseeeeeeee the Lord for me sir. The Most high God has done it ooooooooooo. I got the citizenship by His great mercies. I'm just coming in from the swearing in ceremony sir. I praise the Rock of ages & midnight battle sir. Thanks sooooo much sir. May u be mightily blessed always.  Amen.


Praise the Lord,

I had a terrible headache to a point that I felt like I want to vomit. When I got home , I drank the remaining water from yesterday and immediately the headache disappeared. I give glory to the most high



December 18th 2013



2years ago my stomach started swelling up like a 9months pregnant woman and whenever I eat something, it will feel like I ate a whole house. But after joining the Prayer line 2 days ago, I ate 3 times and my stomach has gone down. God bless you, your family and your ministry. God will perfect all that concern you and family.


Basirat A

December 18th 2013




I give glory to God almighty for the wonderful work that he has been using pastor Wale to do in our life. Pastor wale You are indeed the pastor of the world. I connected my siblings over seas during the prayer for the deliverance of the head. Last week my mother was having a very bad headache and all the medications given to her did not stop the headache, when the told me I asked them to put a little drop from the oil that pastor Wale prayed over during the deliverance of the head in her hand so that she can use it to wash her head. them I texted pastor Wale to pray for her. Last night when I spoke to her she told me that her headache has gone completely. Thanks to God for his mighty power and anointing giving to Pastor Wale. And thank you pastor Wale for your kindness and God will continue to strengthen you mightily and the team behind you Amen.





Hello Pastor


I was on the prayerline today by 12am. During the ministration you declared that there was someone that usually feels the presence of strange being around her and that the person has been set free. I was having this problem and I received that prophesy. After the prayers, I went to sleep and saw myself in a trance and the presence of God all over me from head to toe, lifting something out of me. I believe it was this strange being that was lifted out of my life. I will give God all the glory and pray that God will continue to prosper the words of your mouth.


Praise the Lord

October 14th 2013




Two weeks ago i took my car to the dealership for inspections i was given only one sticker because they said my car is not safe to drive i had to pay $1200 to fix car before given the safety sticker so i entered my car because i don’t have the money i talk to God to send me a helper because i need this car to take myself and family to church. I went home and call my insurance because i had an accident since then my car has this noise underneath they ask me to take car to the man who did the car before if this is from the accident they will take care of it he is an 80yr man he look at my car and called another mechanic to get job done he will take care of it. He gave me directions to take my car to get it fixed the job was done i did not pay a cent. The other day i went to say thanks to the old man he said i don’t know why i did this because i don’t know you but God wants me to help you. I thank God for what he did for me and my family

Tewoh - Sept 27th 2013



Dear Pastor Wale (Pastor to the World),

God is so gracious to me, to let me meet you. Thank-you for coming to Mattapan. You are a wonderful man of God. Highly anointed. How the Lord moved at those meetings. You are so transparent and open, so real, so kind and violent for the Lord. You prayed for me 4 times each time God did a different thing. I received a greater measure of His strength and compassion. The first time you prayed for me all I could feel was Gods overwhelming love. I was paralyzed by it. I got deliverance from witchcraft, the last time you prayed for me I could feel the power of the Lord as I fell to the ground. The altar call was for healing but I think God did more than that. God will reveal it to me, as things are still happening. I am learning so much from you. I love the Midnight Battle and Command the Morning.  Pastor, how is God going to reach us white folks. They would never admit it but they are afraid of the devil and deliverance and completely ignorant and lulled to sleep. It seems to me black folks are much more blessed than white folks they know Gods heart beat!

Pastor don't ever become Americanized. They'll hate you then they'll make you a California god. Then they'll try to get you to worship all their "Hollywood stars" There is a big perversion of wealth there. You preach it right, don't change. I will be praying for you and your family and calling. 

God Bless you and your family, your sister in the Lord,

A. Kuchta




Dear Prayer Team,


I just wanted to share two of my recent testimonies with you. I have had other testimonies through the Prayer Line in the past, but had not written it so I thought it was high time I did.


Two weeks ago, I had a satanic headache which had become a regular thing for me. I knew where the arrow came from. Anyway, on the night of the 12th or 13th, Pastor Wale had a Word of Knowledge regarding this satanic headache. He said, "That fellow with a migraine, begin to shake your head and send that arrow back to the sender." Even                                     though the headache was pretty bad, I mustered all the strength I could and begin to shake my head vigorously. Shake, shake, shake in the Name of Jesus. The next morning the headache was gone.           


Praise God.


Ever since I started sowing into your The Midnight Battle, I have found it easier to save money. For many years, I could not account for my money. By the time I got paid, the money was already spent. Even when I did not have a lot of bills, I still could not save. When I tried to save, the amount was abysmal. I Praise God in announcing that for the past month or so that I have been sowing into The Midnight Battle, I have been able to save a decent amount of my pay. The dark power siphoning my finances is dead forever in Jesus Name. Amen.


God bless all you always mightily and richly in Jesus Name. Amen.



On wed 07/17/13 on the prayerline pastor ask us to lay hands on our belly bottom as we pray I did after prayers I went back to sleep In my dreams I lay hands on my belly bottom it feels hard as I was praying that part of my belly was pulling out like someone blowing a balloon suddenly a whitish fluid started pouring out of my womb. I give god the glory for my deliverance


Sister Florence



Pastor just like u prophesied that whosoever was expecting something big from God before month end in June, you shall receive that which you are believing God for. Man of God it has happened in my life. I am pregnant. God is faithful. He did not allow the enemy's plan to succeed.

Am so glad to be part of the midnight battle and I know that what God has started in me, He will bring to perfection. Pastor always remember me in your prayers and may the good Lord never withhold good things from you and your household.

God bless you so much


Sister O.N



Pstr Wale and Prayer team....may the Lord always remember you for good. The Lord will uphold you and lead you from strength to strength. He shall hide you and your families under the shadow of His wings. As you minister and pray for others, you shall not miss heaven. The Lord will meet you at the point of your needs according to His riches in glory...and may God bless the sisters that gave me this prayer line. AMEN


Sister Ayo



Grace and Peace be unto you Pastor Wale. I have been on the Midnight Battle for a couple months now. My Spirit, Soul and Body is on a New level of anointing because of your powerful prayer and deliverance.  I was believing God for a new car for the past year. One day while in my old car driving the Holy Spirit moved upon me to go to the dealership. I went expecting a pre-owned car.  I did however, have some money saved for a pre-owned vehicle after he ran my credit I was approved for a brand new 2013 Ford Focus. Thank you and keep up the good work you are doing in this Ministry.


Sister V




Glory to the Lord most High.

I praise the Lord for His divine favor over this weekend.  I attended the Women's Conference in PA, and received a warm hospitality from the Pastor  and Women of Philly1.  Thanks to this prayerline for the information.  A different atmosphere gave me so much inner peace.  May God continue to bless you and the midnight battle team, in Jesus name.


Sister W King



Praise the Lord.

During the last deliverance, on the first day, God's fire penetrated on my back and I thank the Lord for his deliverance.  God continue to bless this prayerline in Jesus name. Thank you for all you do.


Mel, MD



I glorified the name of the Lord as the word of knowledge went out yesterday, I had done operation for glacoma in my right eye still the pain is still pesist as the pastor just mention shortily that "the insect in your eyes come out and since then the pain has gone".





Pastor you prayed for my daughter when you visited new York Brooklyn.

she was born down syndrome. but  since then she has been asking tremendous progress. I have not missed one day since I started the midnight battle. Now  my daughter read books even though her speech is a little babbling. she is doing most of the things by herself.  her reasoning has improve and she is getting ready to go back to school. Last year they were planning to send her to another school where they have children with special need Today,  I know her teacher will be very surprise come September. My daughter has changed to normal child. Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen.


Emelda, NY




I want to thank God for this Midnight Battle. MFM Ministries was practically becoming extinct. Many in the USA even referred to the church as "Hammer House of Horror". Many do not want to associate with it in the USA because to the strife among all the pastors and members which is very open. Many will secretly do the service online or pray at home. 


We thank God for Pastor Wale whom the Lord is using to revive the ministries in the USA. Everywhere he goes just as Jesus did, he has been doing good. God has been using him to break hidden bondages through the "rugged" deliverance and awesome testimonies have been coming forth. 


I thank God for giving us a fearless man who refused to compromise with the devil and his agents in the USA. 


I have been delivered of breast cancer, tumours in the body, liver and gall bladder inflamation through this prayerline and consistent prayers and rugged deliverance.


May God continue to uphold you with the right hand of His righteousness.


Sister Yinka



Praise the Lord!

I thank God for healing me from stubborn cancer that turn from three bulb under my armpit later turn to crawling serpent on the left breat.


I also text you to pray for my grown daughter riped to marry and you text back that God has answered. Hallelujah! God has answered indeed. Amen




After the June 8th morning prayers, a big rat walk out of my house.


Sis Agnes



I was trying to vomit something in the dream last month and all of a sudden the thing moved and got stuck on the left side of my neck. God opened my eyes this morning and I saw a crab siting on the same left side of my neck . Also, not long ago, I saw a life tortoise crawl away from my life and a black gloves glued to my hands got ruffled as if its about to get off my hands. I did not see the glove fall off. I have already prayed about all these. Also I remember that about 2-3years ago God opened my eyes and I saw my  feet and they llook like the feet of an animal in color. I believe God has taken care of that after several deliverances.


Praise God

Sister Ebere




Praise God. Glory be to God. I was in dire need of place and after the man of God prayed for me, God answered my prayer, with a beautiful home.



Sister Agnes



 1st I want to thank you and your prayer worrious for praying for us. Last time I 
put in a prayer request about my law suite and you promised that it will be well 
with me and it was so. As I went to the court, I was able to settle the case for 
installment payments lower than what I expected. I WANT TO TAKE THIS TIME TO 


Sister Pat



I attended the Crusade in Framingham MA from May 8th to 10th 2013. The man of God, Pastor Wale told us to drink the water and anoint ourselves. When I got home I took some of this water to take bath. As I was in the shower my stomach started hurting and I felf the urge to push as a woman who wants to give birth. I pushed with all my strength and all of a sudden a LIVE COCKROACH came out of me. A LIVE COCKROACH. I felt an instant relief. Praise the Lord


Sister M, Framingham MA



To God be the glory


At the last Framingham MA crusade, I saw many snakes coming out of my stomach. I was so scared and could not believe my eyes. I am a big boned person and have always thought it is my stature but after that revelation, my tummy has reduced and not protruding anymore. On top of that all the eveil dreams I used to have of seeing snakes have stopped.


Sister S, Pawtucket RI



At the last crusade in Pawtucket RI in April 2013, I was delivered of a snake coming out of my body. I vomited a SNAKE. Praise the Lord.


Sister B,

Rhode Island



I want to thank GOD for what HE did for me through this prayerline. I finally passed the Stateboard examination for LPN after taking it 4 times. Praise the Lord.





Praise, glory and honour to the Most High God. The Lord has been so gracious to me, and I am incredibly humbled. Two people gave me the number for the midnight battle prayer line. I thank God because I live in Kenyaand my mobile service provider charges calls to USAat a local rate, so I don't even think about my phone bill.

I truly believe The Lord, by His mercies, wants to cleanse my foundations and deliver me. He has been revealing to me things I need to pray about. As I was on the midnight battle prayer line, The Lord revealed generational curses spoken into my life and my brother's life.

Before I was born again, I had a tattoo on my chest, above my left breast. I recently felt a small lump on my left breast. After I prayed the prayers on the midnight battle for a few days, I felt something like fire in my left breast and I pleaded the Blood of Jesus. The lump is gone! Glory to God!

The G.O. of MFM, Pastor Wale and your team, and all the ministers of MFM, may God increase you and bless you mightily for the sacrifices you have made to be His servant. I thank God for this Ministry because I never knew how to pray. May The Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob protect you and bless you. In Jesus name, Amen.

Sister R, Nairobi



Praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy endures forever.  This is a testimony of the divine favor of God.  I took my car this morning for oil change and the technician told me that my engine light was on.  I told them I was aware and ask how much to run it through the computer to check the problem.  Upon doing that, I was told $49.95 for just checking it.  later the technician came, ask me few questions and later told me he has fixed the problem.  I thank him and was ready to pay and gave me the bill for only the oil change.  I was shocked for them not to take the money for checking.  The last time the light came on, I spent over $300.  Praise the Lord for prayers on this mountain.  God is really working his purpose.  May God continue to bless you all.  Amen.


Sister M, MD


To God be the Glory, its been a very long time l laugh nor smile, but today God who is the Alpha and omega put a simile on my face. My husband left me for about 5years now, l was pregnant with our last baby, until this very moment, he has not seen the girl who is 3 years old now. The very first day l join this prayer line, The Pastor gave a message, you that your husband left you and the kids, he is coming back. I didn't know if the message was for me because that was the first day l join. But to God be the Glory, my husband started calling, pleading to talk to me. 


Sister E.I 



Hi Pastor,
  Yesterday night was my first night to get on this prayer line. I just goggled online and saw several prayer line but felt drawn to your line. When I called, I had a headache which had started at 6pm and it was on going as we prayed but suddenly I started vomiting during prayer and even after prayers I had like 2-3 episodes of projectile vomiting. After that the headache was gone. praise God for he is good and his mercy endureth forever. May God bless you and keep you  


Sister Catherine



I have been having blurring vision,it comes off and on,but the drs cannot say what was exactly wrong. But after the prayers last night,i felt a liquid flow through my left nostril.My eyes have been clear through out today.
Praise God.


Sister Pauline



Thank you so much for all your prayers especially todays' command the morning.  I praise the Lord for his healing on my left leg and believe the arrows have gone back to sender.


Sister M, Maryland



Thank you very much fro the midnitght battle and command the morning prorammes.
I have been tremendously blessed and my prayer life hs improved  greatly
Most of us really enjoyed the GO's messages that comes on every morning after the Command the morning programme.   The teachings are awesome  and the prayer points are all some of  us need to make our day real good.  Kindly give us more of these and new ones too.  Some of them are being repeated from time to time.
Thank you May God bless you and increase you as you labor in His vineyard..
Bimpe Kumuyi

I really appreciate the move of God through this Ministry. God bless Mountain Of Fire and Miracles Ministries. The anointing will continue to increase in Jesus name.


O Ademola




Greetings from my family in Jesus name.  I thank the Lord for the good news from my older daughter that she got the position she was interviewed for at her present job. With prayers on this mountain it was done; please join me in rejoicing for this wonderful news.

I really appreciate the tireless effort on this prayerline. May God bless you all.  The Lord will surely repay you.


Sister M, USA


Praise God for this wonderful servant of His whom he used to deliver me from household wickedness and joblessness.

I was born into a polygamous, Catholic /heathen Family. I attended a program in Framingham MA called 3 Hours with God. Pastor Wale was ministering and for the first time in my life, I found myself clapping during the deliverance service. It was a service worthy of note because I flew in from Florida especially for the program. I got the MIDNIGHT PRAYER LINE NUMBER since then and have been an ardent attendee daily.


I trained as a metallurgical Engineer. The US government even sponsored me to move from UK to USA due to my expertise in metal Engineering. I lost my job for the last time two and half years ago years ago and everything came to a standstill.


After a deliverance program through the prayer line, I had a dream where I saw my father's wife came in form of a big python trying to swallow me up and kill me but she ended up being swallowed up by the python which was chasing me.


The following week I received a call for a job interview and they were so desperate for me to start that same day of interview. It is as if I was dreaming. The job has swallowed up 6 years of agony, pain and shame which the enemy brought into my life. I thank God for his mercy and for this ministry which has truly delivered me. 


Brother Chike



Bless you everyone and thanks for the prayers. I am better now and going back to university for lectures. God bless you and may he continue to strengthen all of you

In the name of Jesus. Amen



Sister Binty, London UK



Thanks be to God Almighty for his mercy. I give all glory to God for the Midnight Battle prayer line and the Pastor that has devoted his time to help others through this prayer line. May God continue to strengthen you in your work. I give glory to God for all the blessings that I have been receiving lately. I am also thanking God for the miracle that is coming my way this weekend. As you pray and teach us, we will pray that God will give you a bigger anointing to move bigger mountains in Jesus name. Pray for me and my sisters and brother that GOD WILL OPEN NEW DOORS FOR US THIS MONTH OF MARCH IN JESUS NAME AMEN. May God grant me my request that I may devote my life and time in doing his work and helping others in need in Jesus name amen. Thanks to you and your team





May God bless and strengthen you as you continue with the midnight battle. The midnight battle prayer line has being a blessing to me. A friend directed me to your prayer line


Sister Alli



Thank you for all the prayers, and putting us through these path of spiritual revival.  Words can express my thanks to you. I pray that THE ALMIGHY will continue to increase your anointing very microsecond in JESUS name. Your prayers have done so much for me, I can not tell it all.


I used to get attack of cobweb all over the place, in my apartment on the ceiling or just run into it in my house by the door early in the morning, when  just getting out from bed., in the office, at church where I am setting, even on my way to work on the street, it was so frustrating that I cried so much because I know it was an attack, I will go for deliverance in bowie, but when I come back, that is when the attack will be more serious will not give up, but IJN my enemies will give up by fire and they will all die IJN.


When we did the deliverance of cobweb spirit, about 2 days after, as I was going out to work, the Holy Spirit told me to look up; this was on the street outside, so I did. And I saw this very big cobweb right by the bushes at the back of the building where I used to pass, I could not reach it, but I prayed right there on the spot, and asked the Holy Spirit to arrest it for me, and I quickly ran back home to get a long broom stick to bring it down, because it was very busy woofing the net. I got the broom stick and brought it down and killed it, sprinkle holy water around the place. Since then I have not seen any cobweb on my path again. I thank God for this victory.


Sister T S



Thank you very much for what you are doing for us, may the anointing continue to flow more and more. During the healing prayer on Tuesday God touched and healed me. I have been having pain on my two breast but now the pains have gone. Praise God.

Thanks may God continue to empower you more.


Sister Esther





I thank God for all what you are doing. Prayer works for those who have faith and believe, May God continue to strengthen you and all the Pastors in the mid night battle. The anointing will continue to flow more it will not dry in Jesus name. God will continue to protect you and your family in Jesus name. Amen


I have been in a problem for almost 4years now something will be moving from my body, from my head to my toes, then during the healing prayer we did for three days. That object power has been reduced and I have not experienced it again. I thank God


Sister Mary



Testimony time! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!


I thank God for making it possible to share my testimony with you all. I have three (3) testimonies to share: my mother’s safe arrival from Africa; financial provision; and divine protection.


Mother’s safe arrival


I thank God from bringing my mother safely to America. In spite of all the plans of the enemies we triumphed to the glory of God and defeat of the enemies. God Almighty, the Drier of Tears dried my mother’s tears and wiped away her rebuke just as he promised in Isaiah 25 vs. 8. Praise the Lord!


Financial provision


This year, I told my God I would give my first fruit offering without reservation. I gave my offering in 2 parts because I get paid fortnightly. I really thank God for listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. By the time I would file my tax 2 days later, my return was huge (compared to the previous year’s tax where I was told I owed the government money) and I was even told that my tax for the previous years were incorrectly done and the government owed me a large chunk of money. I just thank God and give him all the glory that I did not withhold anything back and he has been sustaining me.


Divine protection


My 4 year old daughter was told she had allergies to peanuts and most nuts in general. Recent medical reports confirmed her allergies. She consumed the nuts one day which I gave to her believing God’s report and no allergic reaction whatsoever occurred to the glory of God! Praise the Lord!


I want to thank God for the life of Pastor Wale Oluwanusi. God has been using him mightily to win souls and comfort the needy. He has proven to be so reliable and available when you need that listening ear. I am a living testimony! May God bless Pastor Wale and may the anointing upon him never cease in Jesus mighty name- Amen!


Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!!!!!!


Sister Pam



Praise God, I got a breakthrough for double honor, 2 jobs on the same day. I was accepted for a position I do not like in both places, One turned around within 24hrs to favour me, Glory be to God. Amen. Thank you so much for your prayers, God Almighty will continue to increase your anointing and strengthen all of you. Amen.


Sister Dupe


"We were referred to THE MIDNIGHT BATTLE Prayerline at 12midnight by a friend and were extremely pleased with the Deliverance Prayers. We definitely plan to go on the prayerline even for THE COMMAND THE MORNING in the morning at 7am everyday.

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