Praise worship
Confession: Psalm 91:10
1.     Confess your sins and ask for forgiveness and mercy of God
2.     As this year is running to an end, my life shall not run to an end
3.     All my uncompleted projects receive the touch of Jesus
4.     End of the year disaster and tragedy ,my life is not your candidate
5.     My debts, disappear before the end of this year
6.     Eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood my life and that of my family is not your portion
7.     People shall not gather in my house to mourn
8.     All those people that God has ordained to lift me up appear
9.     Every bad news prepared for me or any member of my family for the remaining part of the year 2014 ,fall upon your owner now
10.  None of my efforts for this year shall be wasted
11.  Profitless hard work terminate in my life instantly
12.  My harvest this year shall be more than last year
13.  Any power that wants me or any member of my family to end this year in the grave replace us for that position
14.  Let my helper arise unhindered and bless me
15.  Fire of God protect me and my family ,my property from the hands of armed robbers, physical and spiritual hired assassins and kidnappers
16.  Greetings of “SORRY O” shall not be my lot or that of any member of my family for the remaining part of the year 2014 nor beyond
17.  You my overdue promotion appear by fire
18.  Any power that wants my business to disappear , die with your desire
19.  The devil shall not use me nor any member of my family to complete his agenda this year
20.  I refuse to waste my money on useless assignment
21.  My Father do something that will make me to appreciate you the more
22.  Any power planning evil for me nor my family die unaccomplished
23.  Before the end of the year 2014, let me celebrate with me and my family
24.  Poverty, get out of my life and be replaced with dominion prosperity
25.  My health ,you shall not fail me nor in the life of any member of my family
26.  Agents of death , my household come against with the blood of Jesus as our weapon of victory
27.  Oh Lord arise and renew my life and that of every member of my household to your glory
28.  My end of year gifts from the giver of durable things appear by fire
29.  My pocket/bank account, receive revival fire
30.  Songs of praises shall fill my mouth and that of all my family’s mouth for the remaining part of the year 2014
31.  Witchcraft agenda for me and my family scatter and gather no more forever
32.  Oh Lord arise and restore our wasted years
33.  Joy, laughter and happiness shall follow my family and me into the New Year if Jesus tarries.
34.  Let us begin to thank the Lord for what he has started and what it shall do more on this prayer for us and members of our family.



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